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When my own journey in life brought me to the point of feeling unaligned, I shook up my world and began the process of discovery! This led me exactly to where I am now, working to help small businesses and individuals through human neural wiring! I love how quickly I can see how people lead, communicate and make decisions! This changes lives and changes businesses!

My life before Be was in the world of title insurance. I spent nearly 20 years growing myself through new experiences and learning. The last portion of my career fell on the backside of the industry, in training and communications. I was blessed to be a part of an amazing team and was given many chances to learn and grow. What I discovered was my true purpose and my true gift. The impact of hiring with intention and properly motivating through human wiring was all I needed to take this show on the road. I love helping small businesses find true success, and that starts with the people!

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Be was created in the spring of 2019 with the heart to bring a specialized experience to the small business sector and to individuals that were ready to take a journey to self-discovery. 
The transactional side of business feels cold and that can naturally bleed over into the human side of the business. The old idea of settling for employment, and settling for employees is outdated. Businesses are discovering that the people inside the walls are the lifeblood. The question becomes, “What is the business asking for, and how do I attain that?” This is an intentional and purposeful journey. Be is ready to take the business into not only a state of growth but a state of being a place where people shine and people stay! It’s like match-making in the business world. It’s good for both the employer and the staff. Be…aligns the business and the people into harmony!

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We are all unique, so why would you follow a one size fits all approach to growth? Human wiring allows you the opportunity to take a customized approach to thriving in your environment! It’s about YOU!

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