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I’m the Founder of Be, a human wiring specialist and small business consultant. My purpose and passion is to help businesses and the people within them to align for more intentional growth. I am blessed each day to help individuals and businesses find more purpose and success through their own uniqueness. 

What is human wiring, you ask? People are complex and unique. Between one and two years of age we develop our neurological pathways, these pathways are in the thousands. We measure five of the most significant pathways that determine how we accept information, make decisions, and prefer to work. Everything Be focuses on starts with the person and is customized to them specifically with the objective of creating a win for both the business and the individual!


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We are all unique, so why would you follow a one size fits all approach to growth? Human wiring allows you the opportunity to take a customized approach to thriving in your environment! It’s about YOU!

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Cindy K.

Jessica has been an integral part of our business growth/staff retention and has worked closely with us in taking our company to that next level of greatness. I can’t say enough positive things about Jessica and her outstanding abilities and I highly recommend her services.

Tana G.

Be’s interpretation and integration of Human Wiring has helped me become confident in my strengths, trusting my gut, and finding the missing links in my career, business, and life. So thankful for you, Jess!

Sara C.

I was looking to hire my second employee and was completely lost and overwhelmed. Thanks to the amazing work from Jessica, I’ve found the perfect fit for my business and myself. She helped find me the perfect employee, and best yet, an employee that complimented my personality!

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