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Cindy K.

I have been working with Jessica Klatt for many years. She is professional, organized, and an outstanding communicator. In addition to being an asset to TitleSmart, Jessica has been an integral part of our business growth/staff retention and has worked closely with us in taking our company to that next level of greatness. I can’t say enough positive things about Jessica and her outstanding abilities and I highly recommend her services.

Finding Solace
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Heidi W.

To put it simply, Jessica is amazing! She truly helped me reclaim confidence in my career and the direction I’m taking it. Not only did she help me understand my AcuMax results, but also where my strengths are. Because of this, I realized my previous situation was de-energizing me. This helped me have the confidence to pivot my career into something so much more aligned. The AcuMax gave me more self-awareness in how I communicate best and how I can stay motivated. Jessica gives you her heart, guidance, and truly wants you to succeed. Her individual coaching is filled with tips, strategies, and systems that have helped me thrive in my new career path. I’m finally living purposefully and authentically with who I am as an individual. I highly recommend Jessica for anyone looking for guidance, support, or reassurance in where they are in life and work to live an all-around happier life. Thank you so much, Jessica! You are an inspiration and I’m so lucky to have the chance to work with you. 

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Richard L.

Jessica changed my life in a few minutes. I mentioned to her that two of my personality traits are in opposition. That makes it difficult to decide whether to do “A” or “B”, because I love doing “A” and I am very proficient at “B”. She explained it is a strength to do both “A” and “B” well, that it opens opportunities not available to most people. She recommended that I take the AcuMax assessment, which confirmed both strengths. Now I leverage both to my advantage. Thank you, Jessica!

The Social Age
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Tana G.

I’ve worked with Jessica for the past five years. She has coached me through 2 career changes and starting my business. Be’s interpretation and integration of Human Wiring has helped me become confident in my strengths, trusting my gut, and finding the missing links in my career, business, and life. One of my favorite things about working with Jessica is the way she helps you realize that you already are all that you need to be. That you already have the know-how and it’s just a matter of putting systems and new mindsets in place. The changes that have come from her coaching have been pivotal for the growth of business and self. So thankful for you, Jess! Thank you for all that you do.

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Capecchi & Company Real Estate
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For me the interview process was longer than others I have been through but now looking back I completely understand why and it’s made a world of a difference! I couldn’t have asked for a better career at this very moment! I came across Sara’s posting for my current position on a whim and had no idea it would be the best thing to have ever happened to me. 
Compared to other jobs I feel this position beats all of them. Other jobs have never felt like me, some jobs were very close but something would always be off. Sometimes communication wasn’t there or confusion happened with tasks and projects with missed or done incorrectly. With Sara, it’s been phenomenal! Of course, we are growing and learning each other’s communication styles each day but something just clicked immediately with us and it’s honestly been pretty smooth sailing since day one. I believe it is because of you Jessica that Sara and I found each other and make such a great team. Couldn’t be happier!
Thank you so much!

Capecchi & Company Real Estate
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Sara C.

I was looking to hire my second employee and was completely lost and overwhelmed. I really wanted to find someone that worked well with my personality, which in turn would provide a great employee and work environment. Thanks to the amazing work from Jessica, I’ve found the perfect fit for my business and myself. Jessica, along with the solutions BE Industries offered came in, took over, and made the process so easy! She helped find me the perfect employee, and best yet, an employee that complimented my personality! Thank you so much, Jessica!

Mary Kay
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Kris S.

Jessica is so amazing to work with! She helped me to be able understand my wiring and how I need to operate in a way that complements that and makes sense to me. She also steered me in the right direction and I found a job that I love and that I’m really good at!! Thank you so much Jessica!

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Leah M.

"I would highly recommend BE Industries! Jess at BE Industries has taught me so much and has helped me grow in many ways. In my company I do the financial presentations. After working with Jess I have seen a huge increase in closing sales. This has given me confidence while in the presentation. Also I have seen growth in both my leadership and communication skills with my entire team and learned more about myself and other team members through the Acumax assessment process that Jess uses."

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