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Quiet Quitting and Quiet Firing – Who’s Really to Blame?

Let’s talk about the new trendy catch phrases; “quiet quitting” and “quiet firing”. Unless you’ve been off the grid living a peaceful life unattached to the drama existing in the trenches of modern life, you’ve probably heard of these two things in regard to our current job market crisis. I figured it’s time to just break it down and get real about what it is, where it comes from and who’s to blame. Buckle up because we have some hard truths coming at you.

Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting is defined as an employee that is simply just showing up. They clock in at 9, take their hour, clock out at 5. They don’t come early, they don’t miss lunch, they don’t stay late. They do their required minimum, collect their pay check, and go home to their lives. 

This concept is supposed to direct us to a poor job market and declining culture within the workplace. In a nutshell, this is a TELL-TALE sign of a disengaged employee, and here’s the first truth…this is a tale as old as time. This isn’t new, but it is more abundant now. They say this is more abundant in our Gen-Z’ers (1996-2012). Is it apathy? Is it defiance? Is it self-awareness? These are the questions that we find ourselves asking as we have yet one more labeled crisis on our hands. The problems are simple and complicated simultaneously and it has a reverberating effect on both individuals and the economy. 

Before we dive in too far, let’s also address the counter trend catch phrase of…

Quiet Firing

Quiet firing is defined as the management intentionally withholding promotions, pay raises and opportunities from employees who have hit the benchmarks, in effect creating a sort of “free labor” situation. Demand more, give less. 

This one is intriguing to me, because the label sounds very ominous and intentional, but I feel we are missing something and get lost in the idea that this is new, nefarious and cause for protest. 

Let’s break down some thoughts and ideas and get to the nuts and bolts of the truth of this. 

Who’s to Blame?

Spoiler, individuals are to blame. Each one of us that finds ourselves in unaligned and uninspiring positions are wholly to blame for both above concepts. To stretch that statement further, we are not only to blame, but we are also perpetuating the toxic disease of it by even giving it a name and treating it like it’s something that once again is HAPPENING TO US. 

This is a perfect example of a victim mindset (sorry guys). This is a matter of choice at some point, and we all have these crossroads in life. The job that doesn’t make us happy or fulfill us, the co-worker that’s a nightmare, the boss that doesn’t give feedback and has an “all me” mentality. We have all been in this position most likely if we are over the age of 25. Do we stay? Waste our talent? Do we even know our own strengths and talents or what drives us forward? Here’s the real dilemma. 

If WE knew who we were, what inspires and motivates…if WE knew what true alignment should feel like, would we stay? This is a personal responsibility, and sadly the labels only create a new crisis of victimhood. The obvious observation is that leaving an employer can be difficult for almost anyone who relies on income for basic life needs, but if we truly are aligned with who we are, we would continue to seek alignment with ourselves and thus our environment. This is for the well-being of ourselves and others. 

So…what about the employer, what of the quiet firing? 

Here’s the beautiful reality of now. If we stay out of the fray that a label gives us, we realize our own power and dive deep enough to know ourselves, and if we do this on a collective level…then a business that would ever intentionally hold individuals back would cease to exist. 

At the end of the day, like attracts like. Rise above. Become self-aware. Focus on what alignment feels like and move towards those places and things that resonate that. Allow those that align with something at a lower level fill the space you’ve left empty.

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