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Podcast: Moving Forward Boldly with Jessica Klatt

Recently I was invited to be a guest on the Podcast Midlife with Courage! I love sharing my own journey with others in hopes that it inspires a change in their own lives! Please check out this amazing woman’s podcast and take a listen to how I moved BOLDLY FORWARD!

A few things discussed:

  • How the universe pushes us into OUR unique purpose
  • 90/10 rule in life
  • Purpose over passion
  • How I work with individuals and businesses to align
  • Women elevating women

Listen to the podcast by clicking here.

Kim Benoy is a recently retired RN, wife and mother who has found a passion for inspiring other women using essential oils, blog, and podcast called Midlife with Courage. She is following her journey to be a light and lead others who are feeling stuck and even bored doing what is expected. She helps women over 40 find their courage, confidence and calm so they can live every moment!


Instagram: @midlife_with_courage


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