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Awareness – Realization – Empowerment

Ready to hop on the train to a happier existence? The world is changing because people are changing. We are seeing it all around us. The absolute upheaval of every system that has been known and relied upon. We see everywhere the shift from known into unknown, and the only way that happens is through individuals. Quite literally, welcome to the new age. 


The past few years have been enlightening to say the least. I don’t believe there is one living soul that hasn’t been touched by the events, unraveling and change that has occurred. I believe collectively we have all been traumatized to a certain extent. I also believe it was necessary to get to where we need to go. 

Before the chaos of 2020 I personally went through a similar shift in my life. I went through this shift in a very individual way, and this shift and that “trauma” is what moved me into finally discovering where I’m supposed to align myself. I recognized 2020, because internally my life had already been there and done that. 2020 just added a new element of trial to my life. 

The entire point however, in any of this…is to MAKE US MOVE! Change only occurs through struggle, and our comfort zone is where we go to die, so it’s not a bad thing. 

The first stage of moving is the AWARENESS stage. We don’t know what we don’t know. 


Awareness of anything can be challenging, it’s a new set of eyes, and here is where we are able to see all points within that new awareness…the beautiful and the ugly. I like to compare to the collective awareness that 2020 brought us, because I don’t know if any of us (here in the US) have ever personally witnessed so much sudden shift in our lifetimes. The onset of the 2020 events and the time shortly after thrust us head first into awareness. With one fell swoop we had awareness of our frailty, our reliance, our division and our staunch beliefs. We had awareness of what we held closest and our fear of running out of toilet paper. It was a LARGE and varied list of awareness. 

I worked with individuals during this time, as they shifted from the workplace to the home office. I watched the awareness of missing families and of missing communication with the office workers. I watched the awareness of some who realized suddenly that they were so much happier at home working and felt more productive. I witnessed many people who realized they were miserably unhappy at their job but had been too distracted to ever notice. 

In a nutshell…we were almost all asleep at the wheel and drove into the ditch. 2020 was the sudden and alarming wake up call to awareness. It was gruesome, but awareness brings us something new…it has to. If we embrace it verses fight it, we get to enter REALIZATION.


After the awareness we get to play with our new observations and experiences. This is where we can learn to toggle through what was and the lessons learned and utilize the situation for the value it holds. It’s an amazing experience to walk through this with individuals when it comes to things like how they communicate. In the first stage they may learn that their strength in communication is their ability to empathize and verbalize. They learn that the strength they have can also have a shadow side and be overly communicative outwardly. In other words,…they struggle to stop and that can work against them. This is where awareness moves to realization. Realization is what we tap into what is possible and make use of the thing realized. The communicator learns their strength and capitalizes.

This is no different than what the world has been going through. We moved from a state of sleep to a state of awareness. The fear of many is that this is where we land, in perpetual chaos. While things seemed chaotic and maybe still sometimes do, I watched us move to realization. This is what is happening, and this is how we utilize the benefits within. 

The world shifted how we do business, how children went to school and our world got smaller. While there are pros and cons to such things, we cannot overlook the blessings that did come. We realized how little control we had in many situations, and thus took control of what we could and what mattered (mostly we learned we can only control ourselves). As a business owner I realized I had been limiting myself to my little corner of the world, zoom changed my reach. We took the change and adapted and realized what was possible due to it, vs. what was limited. 

This next part gets me excited because it’s what’s to come for the world, but it’s what YOU can have now as an individual.


Once we tap into the awareness, we can realize the potential within THAT situation or thing. We could refer to that as “making the best of a situation”. It’s an important step, because if we can do that…we can move mountains. The momentum is unavoidable, and an empowered person or persons is UNSTOPPABLE.

In my career working with individuals, I see more and more that people are moving through the first 2 stages and begin to easily tap into or have already completely tapped into the final stage of EMPOWERMENT. 

What is empowerment? Empowerment is the ability to move through the awareness of what is happening or who you am, to the realization that you can still use this to benefit yourself and others…all the way through to I can change this for myself and others. Using the example of the high communicator, they can realize their strength and their struggle…then temper it to appear completely different to impact their situation and better adjust to others, all the while feeling satisfied doing so. This is the act of changing to survive and changing to thrive. 

From the perspective of the collective, I believe this is the journey we are embarking on. We have a massive number of people “coming online” simultaneously. The situations that first brought us awareness, then realization are now bringing empowered and glorious changes. We realized what we can do, and it’s beginning to manifest all around us. 


Things are shifting on an individual scale and overall. Our world is moving quickly due to so many people hitting the stages I listed. This is impacting all aspects of life. Specifically, the job market. We shook the jar; we woke people up. What we are witnessing is a recalibration. The rules of the game changed. We have more individuals than ever before that have decided that WHERE they put their energy matters. People have desire to feel they are sharing their strengths and live their purpose. It’s not an easy transition, but well worth it. If you’re looking to hire, tap into your existing staff’s strengths or are an individual looking to make a move…I’d love to help. Please connect with me via my website by clicking HERE.