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Align With the Right People

Birds of a feather…

We all know the saying, right? This is far more than just a saying, who we align with is one of the most important factors in how far we will go in personal development, success and happiness. 

The Energy Factor

It’s more noticeable than ever to energetically be in sync with those in your circle. Our human bodies are made of energy, and therefor each one of us absorbs the energy of another also. If we are in a circle of friends, staff or leadership that has a low energy level that complains, finds fault, gossips or doesn’t embrace opportunity…we will begin to shift to be the same. We eventually morph into a team of low level, low energy people, unless we escape the environment. 

Who’s in Your Room?

“Who’s in Your Room” is a book written by Ivan Misner, Rick Sapio, and Stewart Emery, and highlights the importance of understanding who exactly you are allowing into your circle and your life. Each person that we allow in, even if just for a short time will have a life-time lasting effect. 

The idea is that we need to protect our circle for our own health, wellness and prosperity. Posing the question, that if you knew that a person would be impacting your life forever before you let them in…. would you? 

I urge everyone reading this to get online and download this book to read, it’s a mindset game changer. Each person you let in will shift your “room”. Each person you let into your business and your life will also change your business and your life. Guard that door with all your might.

Get Clear

It’s hard to get where you want to go, or soar to new levels if you’re not clear on what you want or where you want to go. 

Develop an objective, future pace…then set your bar a notch or two higher than that mark. Once you know that mark, evaluate your environment. Evaluate your network. Are you surrounded by those that are happy, healthy, successful, productive and always shooting for the next level? If you are, you may find that your growth pattern is constantly climbing. On the flip side, are you surrounded by people who are unhappy, unhealthy, struggling to find success and lacking any productivity? If you are, do you find those same characteristics and frustrations in your own life? 

Those 2 examples are your litmus test on where to start. Get clear. Set your new standards. Guard that door fiercely. 

Do Something New

Regardless of how you answered those questions above, you should always be seeking the next thing. Only dead things quit moving. This will look vastly different depending on the person, but the objective is to keep an upward trajectory. Try new things, get creative, step out of the box and challenge your own belief system. A 1% improvement each day is a 365% improvement in a year. Meet new people, elevate and guard your circle! If you’d like to learn how your journey will be most beneficial for YOU, click here.