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Team Dynamics

As a small business owner, do you sometimes feel like your team resembles a car with 3 wheels? You can push your ideas forward with lots of effort, one part dragging and the other parts spinning…and you get nowhere fast or without sustaining damage. If this feels like a description of your current situation, then you may have an unbalanced team. 

The Four Categories

  1. Social Awareness – This grouping of individuals is tuned into people! They help a business connect to both the staff inside it’s walls and also the community and customers on the outside. They are an important aspect of a thriving business, especially one that is customer facing. Without this category you may have consequence such as; downplaying optimism or not giving enough recognition.
  2. Sustainability – In this group you will find support in daily processes and stability. They will excel at long focused and repeatable efforts. Without this group a team would suffer from a lack of consistency and focus. 
  3. Growth – This is the one common thread that most small businesses want to embrace…the spirit of growth. Here is where innovation lives, providing the opportunity for expansion and profitability. Big ideas to offer new opportunities! Without this particular group a business could feel stalled out and resistant to changes that could launch new potential.
  4. Enactment – Here’s where things get DONE! Think efficiency. Structure and strategic approach to not only follow through, but to follow through in a timely fashion with an eye for quality and detail. A team without the proper balance here may notice that there’s lots of ideas and not enough results, or a lack of quality results…leading to “do overs” and time wasted.

Putting it Together

As you can see, a team without all the structural elements will struggle to move smoothly through daily operations and will cease to grow with ease. 

As a business builds and more people are added to the mix, leaders will begin to feel the complexity of individual dynamics. Hiring right will absolutely steer the ship in a more productive direction. 

Everything in a business comes down to the people. Make a strategy for growth, make sure you are balanced in all areas, understand those that support each role and watch your business bloom. 

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