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The Art of Self Mastery

Self-Mastery is defined as: the ability to control one’s own desires or impulses. Those who are thought to have developed self-mastery are said to be able to learn to think; intuit; feel; do; communicate; lead; and to be. What a beautiful journey to set out on! Where things tend to get complicated is in the how. How do I build the muscle of self-mastery?

Know Yourself

The discussion of self-awareness is something that I talk about daily with clients and anyone who will listen. The world is currently turned upside down, and I feel deeply that we are struggling through an epidemic of a lack of self-awareness. I liken it to driving with a GPS, individuals simply going through the motions they’ve been taught to follow verses stopping to critically think about the path or the next upcoming turn. 

Slowly we are seeing this shift, and it is absolutely contributing to the job market and polarity we feel. We have individuals that are snapping into reality, discovering who they are, redefining their values and seeking a purposeful life. THIS is where a level of self-awareness begins, many times in the trauma of chaos. 

Once that small trickle of awareness begins it can create a quantum shift in our own reality. We begin the process of discovering who we really are, who are we outside of the media voices, Hollywood influences, cultural definitions and established “rules” of society or our own lineage. This is all step ONE in learning self-mastery. It must start with an awareness of who we are.

The Change

Self-awareness is the catalyst for change. We may end up changing careers, partners, friends, and hobbies…essentially the GPS was turned off! In this stage things can begin to feel challenging. This challenge creates issues in many aspects of our life depending on how fast or slow it happens. The upheaval of things that others considered elemental to who THEY were through you, or impact of a sudden shift on the foundation of what has been your existence. For some these changes do happen slowly and in subtle ways that didn’t even feel intentional, for others it’s happening quickly, intentionally and on a massive scale. 

The daily interactions I have with people is humbling. I have the pleasure of introducing individuals to themselves and watching that awareness build. This creates further changes in behavior and ability through the simple act of self-awareness. The next step is leading to the art or the practice of self-mastery.

Empowered Adjustments

Life is FAR from perfect. We are who we are, and to expect the environment…work, home or whatever…to bend to our needs is unrealistic. People are different, situations arise and at times we MUST be able to flow with the environment for ourselves and for others. This is where self-mastery practice begins. 

When an individual who is naturally a fast mover can realize this and chooses to slow themselves down to achieve a specific result, this is a step towards self-mastery. Not only can they choose to turn this drive down, but at the same time, they understand the strength within it and can use it wisely when needed. When they can choose this thoughtful, intentional action against their preferred and impulsive drive, they’ve dipped their toe into the beginning of this beautiful practice. This will begin to show in multiple areas of their lives and can create beautiful results in leadership, parenting, friendships, and overall growth. It al begins with the simple act of knowing who you are, the strengths and weaknesses within your own natural drives and how to utilize them to the benefit of all!If you’re ready to build self-mastery in your life or business, click HERE to learn more about how AcuMax Index and Be Industries can help!