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Retain Talent

Welcome to the Great Resignation. These are tricky times in the world of business and life, as pieces
shift and move to better align.

The challenge that employers are facing is two-fold. On one hand they are struggling to find workers,
and on another hand, they are concerned about further loss of staff. The concern is legitimate, but the
only real control is gained in proactivity! The next obstacle is unwinding the HOW to become proactive
enough in your business DURING challenging times to truly make a difference.

Build Engagement

I’ve written many times about engagement in the workplace, but perhaps the better way to describe it
is ALIGNMENT. So many small business owners are in love with what they do, and they want their staff
to carry the same level of passion and purpose. It can be disheartening to try to build this in staff and
feel the harder they try the less “in” their team is. The problem isn’t the leader and it’s not the staff, it’s
that there’s a misalignment.

Engagement builds in teams, and in people in general in a unique way. It’s hard to capture this when we
don’t truly understand those we are trying to engage or re-engage. It’s even harder to capture this when
you don’t know yourself as a leader.

The starting block of engagement is the simplest act of allowing everyone to be seen for the individual
they ARE first. The true epidemic of this world is a lack of being seen and a lack of knowing oneself.
Through this ONE thing, the building block can be formed. Ask yourself and your staff these two
1.) Do you feel seen?
2.) Would you like to feel seen?

Even though some may THINK they know themselves and that others have even a vague understanding
of who they are, chances are they have NO clue! There are methods for starting this important building
block, but the simplest most direct route I’ve found is through a simple five-minute assessment.

Preserve Culture

Even when the ground is shaking and things are moving, it’s important to take a step back and have a
solution. The best we can do is prepare. Once turnover happens, the risk of disengaging even the most
engaged staff is real. But it’s not certain.
Preserving culture is the key to making it through to the other side, and the other side is where your
team is whole again. Hiring just for the sake of having a body to fill the position is more often than not a
detriment to the goal.

If there was a way to increase the potential of a new hire and have more assurance that the fit is
excellent from both a culture and a performance standpoint is the difference between engagement and
a downward spiral.

Now is the Time

The talent pool is growing as more and more individuals seek freedom in their workplace, alignment
with who they are and balance in work and life. Do NOT miss this opportunity to bring your business
beyond where it’s ever been before.

Engage the staff you have and hire for preservation and a bright future. Be prepared for the things
unseen and feel you have a handle on where the road leads.
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