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Self-Awareness to Self-Realization

According to legend, “Know Thyself” was carved into stone at the entrance to Apollo’s temple at Delphi in Greece. To my surprise, the meaning of this statement has been debated for a very long time, without much resolution. Since the onset of starting my own business, the meaning has been quite clear to me, and perhaps that’s because the meaning is by its own intention meant to mean something unique to everyone.


Self-awareness is defined as; conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires.

Daily I’m connecting with individuals on a deep level through the means of human neurological wiring. I spend hours digging to different levels on various subjects. The magic that people feel is often due to the opportunity to be seen, sometimes for the first time. It’s humbling and amazing to watch, and as the person who gets to pull the curtain back, I am grateful beyond measure. This is a life changing and affirming point for those that are open and ready for all that comes next. 

Tool or Weapon

The first clarification I make when introducing AcuMax to clients is that this assessment is NOT a pass/fail. This is an introduction to yourself. This is an opportunity to understand your confidence, motivation, and strengths. This is your mirror that only reflects the most amazing and beautiful parts of who you are…and that is SOLELY because that is the ONLY way I see the results. Just like any other tool out there, we can choose to see the negative, but why not focus on the positive attributes? 

Once we can appreciate the finer aspects and positive sides of each trait that we hold, we can peek at how those same “strengths” can at times become our detriment. This is the bridge between “self-awareness” and “self-realization”. The distinction is important and can take time to move from one to the next or it can happen in a sudden motion. 


Self-realization is defined as; fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one’s character or personality. Here’s where we move from simply the knowledge to the ACTION. The action is where we get to decide which side of our traits we consciously use. The action is where we are empowered and have self-mastery. The action is where true freedom lives, happiness manifests, dream teams are built, and leadership excels. This is where you are unapologetically yourself in your BEST form. 

Make the Connection

How will you know when you’re ready to move to self-awareness to self-realization? You will have an appreciation for the results and how it feels to achieve them while being authentic to who you are. My job is to reflect these pieces to you, your job is to see them, recognize and appreciate yourself enough to act upon them in the best interest of all. If you’re ready to engage your team, hire with more intention and bring yourself or your business to the next level, contact me here to get started!