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The number one complaint among employees of their employers is “communication in the workplace”. I think most people would agree that communication is most likely the number one complaint among anyone, in any kind of relationship…ever.

Communication is elusive. Some think others do it poorly, and others believe it’s not happening at all. The truth is, everyone communicates…but we all do it differently, and it’s our inability to see and understand the other that causes the issue. 

Through Another’s Lens

Half of the battle that I work with others on is trying to see the world through other lenses. Once we get an objective view of what makes another person tick, we begin to lay the foundation for developing more productive relationships. Understanding, is the truest foundation of relationships. 

One of those lenses (and the one that creates the most frustration) is communication. When individuals take the time to truly understand how they communicate, they can begin to see how others communicate and why. Employers can gain a greater understanding of who should be in what seat within their business, along with developing greater skills in leadership! That all starts with understanding, and then using that new understanding as a tool for your benefit and the benefit of others. 

Human Wiring & Filling the Communication Gap

AcuMax Index is the tool I utilize in my business to gain a clear, objective understanding of those that I work with and work for. This tool allows me to see in a very straightforward way the pieces of an individual that determine idea flow, communication, patience, certainty, and approachability. Each one of those pieces tells me a bigger story and allows me to see if a person will connect best with others through socializing or getting down to business first, or will focus on results over process or the other way around…and more.

I am able to see if an individual will work best in a team environment or if they are going to thrive in a position that allows them to make decisions and act on their own ideas. Beyond that, it allows me to simply understand others and to meet them where they are. This is the fastest way to create community with another. It’s simply a love language. 

The Benefits

When I first begin working with individuals and businesses alike, the motives are generally very clear. Employers are looking to retain, boost productivity, hire better and resolve conflict. Individuals are hoping to align with their purpose through recognizing and developing their strengths, improve sales and build better structure. But this is ONLY the beginning. 

The benefits of letting go of old worn-out structures that we were taught were the building blocks to success and going inward for your own personal road map is that you develop a new muscle. By learning yourself, you will automatically understand others. By learning yourself, you will begin becoming your own solution. By learning yourself you take back your power. By learning yourself, you will become a teacher to others! 

Businesses feel the greatest benefit in assessing their staff and themselves by the simple act of building engagement. Great staff have a high desire to grow and become more purpose filled. This tool allows me to help small businesses LIGHT their staff up, and through that they learn how to build more quality staff for the future!

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