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Sales is Dead

Sales is Dead… or is it?

A job advertisement for sales positions can be incredibly appealing, offering flexibility and the possibility of six figures. These positions are not only popular, but can potentially be filled faster than many others, often drawing in an abundance of applicants. Often times, after the “honeymoon phase”, many salespeople burn out from the pressure to hit numbers and end up leaving the position. 

The Struggle for the Business

According to Forbes, the annual turnover rate in sales positions is 20% to 34% annually, including both voluntarily and involuntarily, leaving business owners scrambling to fill sales positions almost continuously. The result is slowed growth and a loss of revenue. 

Most business owners end up feeling a successful salesperson is a rare find and become accustomed to the struggle, adopting it as a natural part of business. Some business owners invest heavily into sales programs, some of these programs increase sales, but overall, not all find success equally. 

What if there was a way to customize this approach for everyone?

Individualized Approach

The truth is, we are all salespeople! We are all either selling to someone or being sold to. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, we do it all day every day. The idea that some people are salespeople and others are not is an outdated and inaccurate concept. We simply need to connect to purpose and our own natural strengths to become a “seller”!

Looking a little deeper, “sales” is perhaps itself an outdated concept. The word sales has (by its own hand) delineated itself down to a lesser form. What if instead of focusing on “selling” others a product or service, we tapped into the purpose behind it. The purpose of the product or service, found a value connection to ourselves first, and then found the most joyful way to deliver this purpose connection to each potential customer? What if after that connection to purpose was built, you dove to the next level to discover your own unique sales strength and learned how to build YOUR comfortable sales style naturally?

Sales Defined!

Whether you’re an individual seeking to move into a sales role or a business looking to find more salespeople with less turnover, there is a system! 

Businesses, first define if you need a sales hunter or a sales farmer!

Individuals, first define if YOU are a sales hunter or a sales farmer!

The strategy comes after!

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