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Who are you? This question can feel scary in a world that has built itself around “who should you be” mentalities. The fear of not measuring up has created a crisis of becoming a stranger to ourselves and all others in our lives. 

We paint pictures of what a “successful” person looks like. These ideas are formed through books, friends, family members or images we see online. So we strive to become these images, and in that lose who we are. 


The ultimate price we are facing with a lack of authenticity is the crumbling of all that is not true. It seems the world is demanding that we know who we are, what we believe, where we belong and why more than ever before. 

Mass numbers of individuals are willing to leave lifetime careers, marriages, and relationships to pursue what feels true to who they are. It’s amazing and it’s hard. It’s happening all around us. 

The harder we push back against this and resist, the harder it seems to become. The price is steep, impacting our health and happiness…let alone our finances.


What is the gift in embracing who we are and where we belong? It’s easy, we get to feel completely aligned, smile more, and find our creative flow. It’s sometimes so easy it’s hard. Feels too good to be true. I’m lucky enough to make this my focus daily. 

Here’s where I begin with clients. Start at the beginning:

  • Discovery
    • Who are you? 
    • What are your values?
    • If you didn’t know people were watching, would they also say those are your values? 
    • What is your greatest strength? 
    • What area do you need to grow the most?
    • How does your environment impact you daily? 

I like to start here to help people begin the process of discovering who they truly are. The next steps I utilize help you discover your strengths objectively. The rest is the beginning of your journey back to you, perhaps a career you’ll love, a business that will skyrocket or a relationship that will flourish…ALL BECAUSE YOU KNEW YOURSELF and let the rest FLOW to you!If you are a small business ready to dive deeper into our purpose and foundation, or an individual looking to align with a better career, please click here to get started!