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An Abundance of Yellow

Are you self-employed, busy but not feeling productively successful? The challenges of self-employment are plenty, but one of the biggest obstacles is how to create success when you’re building and how to maintain success as you grow. Let’s dig into network marketing and strategic efforts. 


We hear all about “balance” in the work life scene, but what about the “balance” of being self-employed? It’s a real thing. 

I was working with an individual recently that had the realization that she was very heavy on network marketing. As we discussed her calendar and her need for a plan and structure, she discovered that she was overwhelmed with the number of commitments she had that seemed to provide little benefit to herself or her business growth. Her beautifully color coordinated calendar had assigned yellow to her network marketing commitments, and there was an ABUNDANCE of yellow! It was an exciting moment to see her make the connections of that calendar to how she felt. 


Yes…is a powerful word, and something that may be misunderstood. It’s true that when you’re self-employed, you will need to market. Each marketing strategy is another opportunity to serve and to find success. This is where it can get tricky for some. Over committing to all the opportunities and saying YES to perhaps too many things. This can leave us running ourselves ragged and biting off more than we can chew. What if we say YES to ourselves first? What would that look like? Can we first say YES to our growth, our vision and our balance? Wouldn’t that feel better? Isn’t this how we will create the best quality of service? Go deeper into your business and your life verses wider?  It’s powerful! Just say YES to the right thing. 


Once the weight is lifted off your shoulders from feeling the need to say YES to others first, you will begin to feel lighter and more creative. The structure can remain, but with a true plan for your success. When we are drained, we not only lose, others that could benefit from our products or services lose too. 

Lighten the load, be more strategic…reduce the yellow and LOVE the success that starts flowing!Click here if you’d like to rediscover the energy in your business!