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AcuMax – Uncluttering People

People are complex and can be difficult to understand. The thing that I love about what I do, is that I get to help individuals unravel themselves. I help also employers to do the same. I’m going to dedicate this blog to covering how in a deeper way. 


AcuMax Index is a specialized assessment tool that measures five primary neural pathways of an individual. These pathways are developed around one to two years of age and remain static through a person’s whole life. This is a quick five-minute assessment that provides objective results that are meant to show idea flow, communication, acceptance of pressure, certainty, and approachability. 

This is NOT a personality test.


There are over 250+ behavioral assessments on the market. Here’s what sets AcuMax Index apart from the rest:

  • Objectively measures an individual 
  • Takes 5 minutes
  • Reflects on the things that matter, such as: leadership style, sales style and management style
  • Not only shows an individual how they were born, but also shows them how their current environment impacts them


Currently individuals are seeking a greater understanding of where they fit in this world, and what they have to offer. The AcuMax Index is like handing an individual their own user’s manual. I enjoy helping individuals navigate career changes or overall strategy on utilizing their own specific strengths to help them tap into their purpose and thus their passion. 

Businesses reap a very special benefit from this very comprehensive and objective assessment tool. By assessing themselves and their staff they can place the right people in the right seat, along with developing strengths and resolving conflict. This is a hiring and retention game changer! 

My entire business is centered very simply around harmonizing individuals with their purpose and businesses with people. If you are curious about this tool for yourself or your business, click here to get started!