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Match Maker

What a world to be living in right now! Something has been on my mind, and as of the past few months I have been speaking it to my clients. The time is here for small businesses to seize a massive and amazing opportunity!

I read an article the other day titled, “ANOTHER 4 MILLION WORKERS QUIT FOR THE 4th MONTH IN A ROW, AND IT SHOWS HOW AMERICANS ARE RETHINKING WORK IN A WAY THEY HAVEN’T IN DECADES”. This caught my attention in a big way. The article highlighted a few speculations on why.

  • Higher wage
  • Better benefits
  • Job satisfaction
  • Inability to work in an office or workplace due to current events

As I read the article, I kept coming back to the conversations I’ve had with small business owners. While some of those factors are true, there is an overwhelming number of individuals that are simply seeking more meaning in their lives. Corporate America is no longer where many feel a purpose or alignment due to several factors, but recent times have added a new awareness. There’s never been so many lines drawn. 

Purpose Path

For businesses and individuals alike, the objective is to identify purpose. Gone are the days of cutthroat competitiveness, greed, or self-pursuits. Businesses are seeking individuals that have aligned values and buy in. Individuals are seeking a workplace that adds as much value to their lives as they will add to the business. The symptoms of feeling a lack of that purpose is a pulling away. Things often begin to feel confusing, upsetting and chaotic…just before the let go happens. This is the beginning of what can become the best and most purpose filled journey ever!

Steps Forward

Whether I’m helping an individual find their new career path in purpose, or a business get a stronger and more a purpose driven foundation, the steps look the same. 

  • Who are they? Defining yourself or your business. Walking through a quick assessment can help get your brain and heart on the same page. Click here for free downloads to get you started.
  • Define your values. Click here for a values list. 

These few steps are the gateway to discovering where you go from here! Connect with me through my website if you’d like to take a quick assessment to take your journey to the next level!

My purpose in Be Industries is to bring aligned individuals into aligned businesses…I love being the “match maker”!