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Ready for some reality about how much power you have? 

Times are changing and boy do we feel it. I feel it, I know you feel it, my clients feel it…I’m fairly certain my dog feels it. Everything is shifting and changing, and so are we. 

Universal Mis-Alignment

When I decided to leave a career I had built for nearly 20 years, the only way I could really explain it was alignment…I felt this overwhelming need to move in a new direction, or escape the direction I was currently in. I felt out of place, misaligned. Yet, I had a great salary and a wonderful life. Odd.

If you’ve ever had this feeling, it reminded me of leaving for vacation, but knowing you forgot something at home. I would start itemizing the things in my life to try and identify what was causing me this feeling of needing to change my career among other things in my life…you know, like you do when you have that feeling that something was forgotten at home. Did I leave the stove on? Did I pack underwear? That kind of stuff. Except this was my life. Why didn’t I feel satisfied? Was it where I worked? Was it the people I worked with? Was it what I did daily? I scoured my mind and honestly, nothing really made sense to me. I couldn’t figure out what made me feel that way. I loved my office, my team and the variety and pace of my position. Yet I felt like this was ABSOLUTELY where I was NOT supposed to be. 

It’s About the Journey

Once I decided to leave where I currently was, I made a few moves in between finally starting the business that I have now. It was a confusing, rewarding and occasionally overwhelming. Lots of tears, so much frustration, and sometimes it was peaceful…but the whole time I knew it was leading me somewhere that I HAD to be. The hardest part was not understanding that place. Years later, I now understand it was never about the destination, but rather it was about the journey because it was the journey that grew me up and taught me alignment. The journey pointed to the places I didn’t want to go…so I could realign to the places I felt the best in. The journey doesn’t stop, it never will. The journey is what we embrace…the destination is a mirage, a beautiful one, but always changing. The journey is the alignment happening.

Align to Live

Within my business, I preach and I teach alignment. Coaching and consulting is a vast experience depending on who you work with. Sometimes it gets a bad wrap, and I can understand why. Just like a self-help book, or a class on how to work better, live better and BE better…the methodology ONLY works when it WORKS for YOU! The missing factor is most often ALIGNMENT. 

Alignment is purpose. Alignment is what feels good. Alignment is knowing YOU. Alignment is that thing that makes your heart soar. That is the sign you are on the right path. When we let go of how others do things, or what others have…or what it should look like and be like…we can go inward and ask, “how does this make me feel, and what fruit do I bear because of that feeling?”. 

How to Align

People find different ways to get on the journey of alignment, as do businesses. Remember, the journey is the most important factor…BUT…the way that journey looks can be completely up to you. Re-aligning doesn’t have to feel awful, in fact, it should feel exhilarating. Finding each moment where you align should bring constant states of satisfaction and purpose. 

I love to help assist people and businesses on that journey through a combination of objective information gained through a simple assessment, along with the universal principles of alignment. 

For those that are ready to embrace the SHIFT and lean into the new that we are collectively building…I am here! 

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