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When Your Weakness Is Your Strength

I’ve discovered a funny thing about people. Almost ALL of them know exactly what their “strengths” are, however they’ve somehow flipped them around and have attributed a mindset that the “strength” is their weakness and needs to be fixed. The best part about what I do for a living is shattering that paradigm and showing people that their perceived weakness is actually their primary strength and source of confidence!

Let me Explain!

We are living in a transition time in this world, it’s incredible to witness. The recent global events have pushed people into a place of self-realization. When the things that are surrounding us, defining us are material, superficial and sometimes not even real, it can be very difficult to see the one thing that we are with every single moment of our day…ourselves. People didn’t see themselves. Not really. So once everything came to a halt, many were forced to be still. Working from home became a norm for many, some lost employment and some left. 

During this time, I also shifted my own business, and began working with more people one on one. These individuals had begun to tap into that missing element in their lives, them.  

The Journey of Self Discovery

Once I had my attention turned to the individual solely for purposes beyond wanting to increase sales or to resolve a conflict, I began to see a pattern forming. This is generally how it looked in stages:

  • Interest in knowing more about themselves because they feel kind of lost and all has been stripped away. 
  • Apprehension at knowing more about themselves because…what if it’s bad?
  • Acceptance and a bit of skepticism about how much I can really tell them about themselves.
  • Amazement at what I just told them about themselves and MASSIVE lightbulbs firing because they’ve had so much of it twisted around and upside down!

Strength/Weakness Debacle

A great example of this twisted paradigm that one can create for themselves is of my own. I spent most of my adult life HATING certain aspects of who I was. Things that felt very difficult to change. I would watch other individuals not struggle with these same things and feel inadequate. One of my biggest issues was my lack of patience, and my constant desire to “buck the system”. I really disliked rules, and found it difficult to work within preset structures, and often I felt I talked too much. 

My A-HA moment came in 2017 when I began working with AcuMax. Seeing myself objectively on paper snapped me awake! It’s one of the biggest contributors to the success I’m finding in my business and the purpose I feel in my soul. 

Turns out all those aspects I struggled with were my greatest assets! It also allowed me to utilize them with wisdom instead of allowing them to drive the car 24/7. 

My lack of patience was also the factor that allowed me to work under pressure, and multi-task like a machine! It makes me a driver, and it’s awesome! My desire to “buck the system” is the part of me that has a vision and the ability to work in the unknown a bit better. Communication is my highest motivator, so that part of me that always felt I over spoke…I was able to utilize for public speaking, presenting, and connecting emotionally with others. 

I would implore you all to find a path to more self-discovery, there’s an entire part of yourself that’s begging to be seen. Find YOU! BE you! Click here to learn more about AcuMax and YOU!