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The Creators VS The Sustainers

My journey in working with a variety of different types of individuals has connected more than a few dots for me along the way! Getting to know people in an objective way gives me so much introspection into how they maneuver change, make decisions, work under pressure, and create. There’s no “winning” formula to a person, we are all created to run in a certain lane and that’s the most beautiful part of being human! We cannot all be the same. 

The Creators

When it comes to leadership styles, the truth is, many business owners who find monumental success, share some common traits overall. They truly are creators. Their proactivity within the objective drives of idea flow, communication, pressure, or certainty propels them forward without much outside force to motivate them. Simply put, they cannot help but create!

My most dynamic business owners go just a touch further. They create, move on, create again, move on, create again. They just keep building. 

It’s become something I can see coming. It’s the same cycle over and over. 

These business owners bring me on to solve a problem. Generally, it’s getting the right people in the right spots within their business because when you are dynamic…you need and crave people to work alongside you that can run as fast as you! 

Once the right people are where they need to be, the pressure comes off and my poor dynamic business owners are left feeling just slightly empty…because they need that pressure, they need that adventure. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM BEGINS THE PROCESS OF CREATING MORE! They add a branch, they add a service, they buy a building…they keep creating. They always will! 

Their role is to be the architecture! 

The Sustainers

This role is equally as important to the creator, this is the building block that keeps the consistency and holds up what was built. They love coming in behind the idea and supporting the growth with true business smarts and acumen. 

Having those in business that can pause, reflect and deliberate is necessary and vital. 

The pace is typically different, the leadership is also different. The growth is steady and harmonious, and a release of pressure is ultimately the goal. 

These are the folks that will make sure to do all the maintenance of the business machine on a regular basis to ensure that all systems are go. They are your controllers and your engineers…quite literally making the world go round!
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