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Find Value First

This was a huge lesson for me in business ownership, and it’s also something I speak about often with clients of my own. What is your value? Do you treat your business like it has the value you want? Do you think others see the value? Do you see the value? 

Sometimes I think we are so caught up in the act of “sacrifice” that we forget we help NOBODY if we have no value to show for them to want our help or our product. It’s a predicament that usually starts off with good intentions and an amazing heart. I’ve been there, you’ve probably been there and most of you are probably there right now! Let’s crack this egg open and re-define the purpose of value!

Uphill Battles

It’s a cycle. We work so hard to capture business, then we get the opportunity and then we work WAY harder to sell our service or product and then we don’t make the sale and we worked so hard and now it’s back to square one. Whew. Time and time again. Occasionally we get lucky. Hit a few great opportunities. Get a little better at being lucky. And we end up consistent, but not where we aimed, and certainly not working in a way that feels amazing. 

Nine times out of ten this starts with a value problem vs. a selling problem. But we tend to go to the sell first. Read more books on closing the deal and being smoother with sales. For most people, these techniques don’t feel great, and unless they push through the discomfort, they rarely yield a result. While I’m not discounting technique…it’s simply not where the problem lies. It lies in perceived value, by both YOU and the consumer.

Start With You

When targeting sales with teams, the first place we start is with a simple question. Would you buy this product? If they say yes, I ask…Have you bought this product? If they say no, I ask why they haven’t. 

This is where it ALL starts! Business owners, listen up…if you are trying to sell a product that you haven’t invested in, chances are you are not able to convey relatable value. If your team is struggling, they may also be having the same battle for the same reasons. 

Sales is an energetic exchange between a seller and a customer. If the seller comes across as disingenuous or that they don’t believe in the value…the sale is usually dead in the water. 

Pricing Factor

Similarly, if a product is valued to cheaply, it can also be overlooked as not worth even the small investment. The idea that if we lower the cost, we sell more is a myth! In fact, it’s opposite generally. My clients have discovered that by first defining their value or their product’s value, then asking the questions surrounding their personal beliefs around that, they are able to more accurately pinpoint what is missing in the sales and growth equation. 

It’s simple. I haven’t built the perceived value enough to even capture an opportunity. 

My clients raise the cost, narrow the time, make their footprint smaller and see GROWTH! 

Not only do they see growth, but they also see a shift in clients. They find that the difficult clients fade away, and their doors open to clients that are seeking the value they bring and that are happy to exchange money for the services…on a very fair level. 

Value is everything!