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Quantum Leap

Quantum Shift

The butterfly effect. Each decision triggers a new series of events in our lives. All the way down to which route we take to drive home, or perhaps a simple spontaneous conversation with someone new. 

We spend our lives creating new paths constantly. Most paths end up causing slow and sometimes unnoticeable shifts that happen gradually over a period of time and some create a quantum shift that makes a sudden and new thing completely and instantly! Sounds exciting, right? 

How Do We Create the Quantum Shift?

The biggest thing that holds us back from making a quantum shift with intention is simply fear. Fear of the unknown will keep us cycling around the same problems, influences or even stagnant growth in our businesses. Once we recognize that fear holds us back, we can begin to move through it. 

The first step is to acknowledge the opportunity. Is there something there, waiting for you to say yes…or no to? 

The second step is to begin asking yourself why you have not moved on this yet? Is it fear? Worry about what may or may not happen? 

The third step is to decide. You will be working with the unknown, but that’s part of the reason this will create the quantum shift! It is always a bit of gamble, but I believe intention plays a HUGE role in the outcome. Place the highest good into the outcome you want and jump in!

The Outcomes

I am a believer that no matter what, we land where we are supposed to be. When we listen to our inner voice, and trust ourselves, we will always be aligned with our best and highest good. I have seen business owners make the decision to invest a large amount of money into a plan and see a whole wave of change happen with subsequent growth. The business went to a whole new level and so did the individual!

I have seen the individual scared to leave a secure job to pursue their purpose. The payoff was that they fully and unapologetically became themselves more than ever before. Their life and their families life changed massively for the better!

Both situations take a tremendous leap of faith, and many times will create upheaval or repositioning. Things get shaken up. But that is where the shift happens. It happens in that process. It happens in the chaos. We stay the course, we move in the unknown, we become stronger, more resilient and trusting of ourselves. We persevere, and then it happens. We are new on the other side. We broke down to build up. It is not just the destination…it is much more about the journey. The journey molded us and created the leap!

When we move in faith instead of fear, we can literally shift the Earth!

“There is a place I need to be, and it’s always changing, but I have faith that I will always arrive.”