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Get Small to Go Big

You are growing. You have new staff, new services and maybe a new space. Next you feel like everything is moving in the wrong direction. Employees aren’t happy, you’re not happy and overall, you feel like there’s something you’re missing, but you have no idea what.

Here is the point that actions begin to take place. The point of pain. It is the point that you’re desperate to try to stop what’s happening, to try and swing the pendulum in the other direction. You fire someone. You hire someone. You start conducting reviews. You reorganize. Hold more meetings….and somehow, things are only getting harder!!

This is the exact spot where going small into your business becomes the only true way to discover the why and begin the shift. You cannot fix something you cannot identify. You can only fill gaps with band-aids. It’s a cycle that often doesn’t reward, but instead offers new problems. 

What does it mean?

What does it mean to go small? It means that you need to examine that ever-important foundation of leadership, culture, and communication. You need to ask the questions that demand to be asked. What kind of leader am I? What is the culture of my business? How do we communicate within the business? 

By asking, listening and being humbled, we will reach the genesis of almost any problems that exist. It comes back to the people, always. The right people vs. the wrong people. It’s not about getting bigger, expansion, working more, working harder. Those things will always be there, but we end up working so much harder verses so much smarter when we decide to go big before we go small. 

Get to know yourself, your leaders and your staff and then USE it!! Build in time to truly assess your culture but use true strategies to help navigate what is really there. Allow your staff to review your leaders and yourself. GO SMALL! Once you get the small in sync, begin the focus on steady, intentional, and meaningful growth. That is growth that is exciting and rewarding instead of grueling and hard. The idea is quality over quantity. 

By taking this approach before throwing things against the wall to see if they stick…you allow your business to experience its natural rhythm. I see it over and over. The odd gap that businesses owners try to fill with more bodies is gone when the right person is in the business. The toxic environment is suddenly understood which allows for a solution. Productivity, attendance, and retention improve by leaps and bounds. 

Think small, then go BIG!