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The Introverted Entrepreneur

The Introverted Entrepreneur is a unique individual. It’s one of the most exciting profiles that I have the opportunity to work with. Understanding what makes the individual an introvert is the foundation for development of the strength within that characteristic. What makes them especially effective is that they often times are the very best listeners with an abundance of patience. Typically these individuals crystallize their thoughts internally prior to speaking. This helps them to be more intentional in that verbal message. It can also create a situation where they may not be as responsive with business prospects that are more verbal in their thought process. Practicing the art of responding verbally will help the Entrepreneur to create more effective relationships with a broader range of individuals, expanding their own network. 

Process and working in a sequence is also a strong trait and strength for these individuals. The best place to start is with a plan of action. 

What is your Strength?

Listening is your strength. Be sure to give physical and verbal cues that you are engaged and interested in the person speaking to be an engaged listener. If you’re not ready to verbalize your answer, be sure to say that. For example, “I have heard everything you said, I would like a little time to think on this. Are we able to table this until…..”. This allows the Introvert to prepare and deliver the best possible response. 

Rely on your strengths of planning and process to help you build a solid foundation in each area of your business. SMART Goals are a wonderful tool to help execution. Being prepared with plan B’s will keep you productive when things begin to change.

Lastly, for the Introverted Entrepreneur, understanding that too much face to face communication can drain your energy. It’s appropriate and suggested that you take some time away for some heads down or quiet work. This is where you will regain your focus and energy for the next face-to-face engagement. Then you can keep your momentum going.