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Leaders, know your best role!

Leadership is a big word with many definitions. If you ask five people what creates a great leader, you will most likely get five different answers. If you asked this same question twenty years ago, you would probably get almost no similar answers to what you would get today. We each see the world through our own lens and time has changed how self-aware we have become.

Leadership Defined

Leadership is defined as “the action of leading a group of people or an organization”, but its true definition is much more personal. At the foundation of every good business is a strong culture, solid communication, and a self-aware leader. Guess what? Leaders come in ALL shapes and sizes.

When it comes down to building a small business, leadership is something that is grown into. People don’t usually wake up one day and say “hey, I want to become a leader”, they wake up one day and say, “I want to start my own business”. The act of becoming a leader soon follows and that’s when things can begin to feel a bit sticky for many.

Leadership Strength Types

  • The Commander: This leader is good at telling. They can be direct and clear.
  • The Empathizer:  This leader relates to their staff and utilizes their ability to connect through empathy.
  • The Nurturer: By being a caretaker; they nurture and generally those around them feel extremely comfortable.
  • The Example Setter (I couldn’t find a better name): This person leads by example. They will show you how and be truly clear in the how.

Is one style better than another? No. The objective isn’t to become the “perfect leader” from a one size fits all perspective, it’s to become a leader through your own specific strengths. Leaders are self-aware. Leaders are always in discovery mode, they not only look to be authentic to themselves, they seek to know what their staff needs in a leader as well.

The first step to becoming the best leader YOU can possibly be is by fully understanding where your leadership strength is already living, then learning all about that. Learn the strengths, learn the weaknesses, and learn how to adapt to others within that. This is going to be the best role for you…to BE you.

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