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Purpose Over Passion

Want to know the secret of pushing through difficulty? Purpose.

I know it sounds lofty to talk about things like “discovering your purpose to live the most fulfilling life possible”, but there’s so much more to it than just that. When life knocks you down (and it will from time to time), drags you face first through the mud and then steps on you as you are lying there defeated, purpose could be your one crutch to hoist yourself back up to fight another day.

Let’s be honest, to be “Pollyanna” is simply not realistic. The only way we get to ensure the ability to rise again is to discover why we must, and sometimes it will not be pretty. Sometimes it will take tremendous courage, major humility, crying and perhaps screaming. Sometimes it will feel like euphoria and bliss to live and work in our purpose and strength. This is why life is an adventure, each day is new, and people are complicated!

The Passion Problem

Most of us have heard the phrase “find your passion and you’ll find your purpose”, I believe this is a dangerous misconception (sorry to the individual that coined it). Passion is a selfish pursuit, it’s about the person, and generally we end up in a defeated place. It’s a dessert mirage.

Purpose on the other hand, that’s a soul thing. That’s where a gift is found, and where we get to discover the very reason we are here and what it is we came to offer. This is the greatest act of selflessness…that offers us a deep satisfaction at the same time. This is called a win-win. Yes, have your purpose cake and eat it too!! My motto is “find your purpose and you will find your passion”. Purpose, gifts, expression…it’s where our energy comes from. It’s what pushes us to another level, and creates a desire to grow.

When you discover your purpose and know it’s bigger than you, you’ll be able to let go of “not being good enough” and focus on “what do I need to do next”.

Purpose is a life changer!! 

Discover your strength. Align your purpose. Apply to your life.