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The Disengagement Dilemma

Do you know the symptoms of disengagement in the workplace? If you do, you may be ahead of the curve in employee retention. If you don’t, you may be wondering what in the world is happening to my employees?

There are three levels of engagement that happen in the workplace

  • Engaged employees: These are the staff we want to have inside our business. They are excited to be there, show up on time, invest energy into the mission and look for opportunities to grow! Sadly, they only make up roughly 35% of the workforce.
  • Disengaged employees: This group of staff make up the MAJORITY of the U.S. workforce at nearly 52%. I guarantee most people have been in, or are currently in this category. The effects of disengagement are; higher rates of absence, lack luster work, apathy and less desire to pursue new goals and growth.
  • Actively Disengaged employees: BEWARE! They make up the smallest demographic at only 13% but they are by far the most dangerous group. Intentional sabotage of the business occurs at this stage. Theft, gossip, intentionally damaging customer and other staff relationships and more are the flagship signs to look for.

Businesses and staff alike are struggling with the disengagement dilemma, but they do not have to. By recognizing the causes of disengagement and engagement, employers can take a proactive approach to getting more of what they want, (and pay for) which is highly engaged staff!

Like so many other workplace struggles, disengagement is caused by hasty hiring practices and placement. Many employers hire new staff by following a basic process that should yield better results but end up frustrated that the new hire isn’t working out as planned. Turnover leads to disengagement of other staff and the cycle continues.

Solutions to correct the cycle of disengagement in three intentional steps

  1. Get to know what motivates yours staff.
  2. Understand your own leadership strengths.
  3. Look for the signs of engagement and disengagement and seek to understand the WHY.

There are many tools on the market to help assist in this process. As a business grows, they will certainly begin to experience disengagement amongst staff, this is normal. What you do after will determine how easy or not the next season of growth will be!

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