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What does it mean to be an inspired business?

As we have moved past 2020 many things have changed, in all areas of our lives and in our businesses. Some thrived, while others fought the real struggle of staying open and afloat.

I have personally felt that 2020 was a tearing down of all things that weren’t authentic, and this means in business as well as within our own lives. We were pushed into discomfort, willing or not. We were given the opportunity to accept change or suffer through resistance and fall to external factors. It’s sobering. 

This brings us to 2021, and new opportunities. Those that see this message will understand.

So where are we today, in the present? As someone who works with both individuals and businesses, I see a rebuilding! I see a massive shift in what matters, from both the individual and the business. I believe that we have had hints at this for many years, but we are seeing it unfold on a massive and profound scale right now.

Businesses are becoming more in tune with a people-first approach when it comes to growth, and people are becoming insistent that where they spend their time is uplifting and purpose-filled!

I hear this every day and I feel the shift.

If 2020 taught us one thing, it was to not expect anything. Things can change quickly and as we’ve learned, they do. The inspired business is looking to move through that by becoming more centered on purpose for their community, clients, and staff by connecting with authenticity and intention. These are the businesses that are going to break the mold, bust through the ceiling, and change the game!